Heading for the record

rogowska_foto_400 Winning Enea Cup and breaking the record – it is the nearest goal of the World Champion Anna Rogowska. Yet, there is another, a bit further one too – to stand on the European Championships podium listening to the national anthem.

This winter in Bydgoszcz you gave yourself and all the fans a wonderful present – the indoor national record. Therefore, the question about breaking the outdoor record seems obvious. Can we expect it at the European Athletics festival? We are certain that you will break your personal record achieved at the meeting in 2005 (4,50m).

Anna Rogowska, World Paul Vault Champion: I hope that next Sunday the weather will be favorable and local fans will cheer on with all their might, as these two elements are essential for vaulting high. Surely, I want to win and my target is record oriented, as it has not been beaten for five years.

Do you consider the stadium in Bydgoszcz lucky? We all remember well your last year's soaring up to 4,81m, which made the national record, shortly before another great success in Berlin.

It is true that Bydgoszcz favours high vaulting, as I have experienced it myself several times. Last year my best result was achieved there, at Zawisza stadium, namely the title of the Polish Champion. This year, during a competition held at £uczniczka Arena, I beat the national record. So I hope that my good fortune will stay with me and I will ‘fly really high'.

In an interview published on your websitewww.anna-rogowska.com – you said that you were extremely motivated. Can you tell us what ‘turns you on' and gives you the power, energy and joy to overcome the higher and higher vaults?

Sport, above all, is my passion. Everyday trainings are truly enjoyable as thanks to them I can fulfill my dreams of medals and breaking new records. I always try to ‘fly high on the wings of the applause' of the fans.

Is the World Champion going to be this year's European Champion?

This year marks the beginning of the new season, new struggle for medals. European Outdoor Championships are the only event I have not won a medal at yet, therefore, my main aim will be to stand on the podium of this particular meeting. I know that it is not going to be easy, nevertheless, I wish I would stand on the top place of the podium and listen to our national anthem. It is my greatest dream!

Interviewer – Maciej £opatto