The fans are back in the stands and I'm back in the competition - said Anita Włodarczyk, who won the hammer throw in great style during the 3rd Irena Szewińska Memorial in Bydgoszcz. The hammer thrower Paweł Fajdek is also in great shape with breaking the meeting record with a result of 82,77m. The best result this year in the world in the 400m was achieved by Namibian Christine Mboma. Anita Włodarczyk threw 77,93m and showed that in Tokyo she intends to fight for the third Olympic gold in a row. Polish women dominated the hammer competition - Włodarczyk was first and Malwina Kopron was second, with a result two and a half meters worse than the most titled Polish athlete in the 21st century. Two years ago I underwent a major surgery and it was not certain if I would return to sport. I am glad that I came back and in Bydgoszcz at the Memorial of Mrs. Irena Szewińska I have a great result. Just like eleven years ago, I left Bydgoszcz happy, today I'm leaving with a big smile and in good health - she added. Eleven years ago, Włodarczyk broke her own world record at the same stadium.

According to the Polish champion, the podium in Tokyo can give a result within 77 meters. - I have a lot of experience when it comes to the Olympics and I hope that I will keep my pre-Olympic peace and that I will go to Tokyo healthy and full of energy to fight - she said. Kopron, which by Wednesday had the best result of this season among Polish women, threw very evenly. Ultimately, she took second place with a score of 75.41. - I am aware that the competition is won with the longest throw, not with the series. I still need some time to fire up. I am thinking about this technique and working on it. The main mistake is that I do not relax my shoulders on the third and fourth turns. These are not bad throws, but the farthest one wins. I am aware of this and I am going back to work in Spała - she said. Paweł Fajdek was third only after the first round in the competition and he was in the lead from the second round. In the third round, he even improved his score and with the result of 82,77m and broke the meeting record. - I'm happy. I started a little too quickly, I wanted a little too much, so the next attempts were not successful. And you have to prepare for 110%, because in Japan it may be needed - said Fajdek.

The four-time world champion emphasized that the most important thing for him is to stay healthy until the Olympics. - If my health is alright, I throw well at all competitions. It looks nice as a result, because this is another competition with a very good result. I haven't throw that far in a long time, so I'm even happier - he added. Wojciech Nowicki fought for the second place until the end. In the last throw he reached exactly 80 meters and overtook the sensational Ukrainian Myhaylo Kokhan. - I'm starting with a full training session, I was doing a heavy gym yesterday, so I didn't expect to drop so much. This last month is already preparations for the Olympics, and the rest goes to the background. I will not correct anything anymore, but I will make sure that I do not lose anything. I hope that we will both stand on the podium with Paweł, because it will be a great achievement - said Nowicki. Christine Mboma achieved an incredible result in the 400m. The 18-year-old Namibian won with the best result this year in the world with 48.54, ahead of Justyna Święty-Ersetic by nearly three and a half seconds. This is the seventh result in the history of world athletics at this distance. - I knew she was out of range, but I wish I had to watch her this far back. I did not expect such a result. As for me, everything is on the right way. I'm sure I'm very fast, but I'm missing the stamina which COVID-19 has taken from me. I believe that I will work for the next few weeks and it will be very good at the Olympics - said Święty-Ersetic. The third place with the best result of the season - 5,82 m - was taken by Piotr Lisek in the pole vault.
- You can see that the form is at a high level. You have to remember that this is high and that the stakes in our competition are high. This start gave me faith in the audience, which is numerous. I hope we delivered a lot of emotions - commented the best Polish pole vaulter. The winner was the US Champion Chris Nilsen, who jumped ten centimeters higher than Lisek. 

Of the Polish competitors, only the hurdles stood on the podium - Klaudia Siciarz was second in the 100mH, and Damian Czykier took third place in the 110mH. - In Tokyo you will see me in another edition. For now, the first part of the distance is amazing, but the second one still needs to be improved - said Czykier. The 3rd Irena Szewińska Memorial took place the day after the death anniversary of the greatest Polish athlete. This year, for the first time, the competition was promoted to the Continental Tour Gold. The organization of the 3rd Irena Szewińska Memorial was supported by the city of Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship and the company Anwil S.A.