Adelle Tracey – winner, 800m
I would have actually liked to have run a bit quicker, but I have raced quite a lot in the last couple of weeks, so I was already a bit tired. Making the British national team is tough right now, but I have trained well and I’m hoping for the best. It is a beautiful track in Bydgoszcz and I love it here.

Viktoriya Tkachuk – second place, 400m hurdles
All my racing now is dedicated to my family and the people of Ukraine. It is a very hard time for them. I am happy with the race, although the time was not great. I still make some technical errors, but I will work on that with my coach. The European Championships this year will be the most important competition of my life – with my age and experience I must do well there.

Khallifah Rosser – winner, 400m hurdles
I just arrived from the US yesterday and with the long flight and time travel it is hard to adjust. Given that, I’m happy with the race I ran today. I have a few more races scheduled around Europe and then going back for the US Trials. I’m optimistic about that competition. I have a new coach this year and I’m more focused, that has been the reason for my progress.

Mohamed Mohumed – winner, 1500m
I was aiming for a PB and I actually wanted to run under 3:34. Last race I ran 3:36, now it’s 3:35, so I’m on my way and I am pleased with the win. The stadium is beautiful. I’m planning to run the 5000 at the World Champs as well as the Europeans. That’s my main distance. The 1500 is actually a bit too short for me.

Tia Jones – winner, 100m hurdles
Tobi [Amusan] is a great person and one of my best friends, but beating her today is just another day, another race. I’m planning on a couple more races in Europe before the US Trials and I want to gather as much experience as I can to carry it with me there. The Trials will be full of fast girls and I’m the youngest out there, so I’m just excited to be going there.

Anita Wlodarczyk – winner, hammer throw
I was getting better as the competition progressed today, I needed to get motivated and get the feel for the circle. I love competing here, the fans are great, lots of kids are out there today. The most important thing is I’m healthy. My main goal for this year is the World Championships. The Americans will be strong throwing at home, but I also have good memories of Eugene, where I have competed a few times.

Malwina Kopron – 3rd place, hammer throw
I’m happy I got it together for the final throw here. I’m a bit ill and I have had some health issues, but I am not looking for excuses. I’m already in shape to throw 74 metres, but the peak form should come at the European Championships.

Jamal Britt – winner, 110m hurdles
I’m pretty happy with the race. I just arrived from the US and I feel better than I did yesterday, but I was still sluggish in the heat today and bumping into the hurdles. Thankfully things worked better in the final. The conditions here are perfect, the only thing I can complain about is being tired from the travelling.

Damian Czykier – 2nd place, 110m hurdles
The race was a nice one and I am really satisfied. This is the best season of my career, I have already run my second and third fastest time ever. Compared to today, there is potential for improvement in wind speed and in how I feel. This year I’m targetting both major championship events – the goal for the World Champs is making the final, for the Europeans it’s to win a medal.

Tom Walsh – winner, shot put
I’m happy with the win today. In my old age I realised it’s not always about distance, but about figuring things out today. That’s what I did today, after the first two attempts, where I was just putting the handbrakes on. I showed aggression today, something I’ve been missing lately and I beat Joe Kovacs, whom I haven’t beaten for a while. Konrad and Michal are good friends of mine, so it’s always good to come to compete in Poland.

Konrad Bukowiecki – 5th place, shot put
I have a long series of competitions now – five of them in 12 days. That’s how it will be until the national championships, after that the time will come for building top form for the World Championships. The global level of shot putting is phenomenal and still improving, but if I’m in my optimal shape, nobody is unbeatable.

Michelle-Lee Ahye – winner, 100m
I just arrived in Europe on Wednesday, but I felt all right here. I’m not planning a long European season now – it will be 4 competitions, then I’m going back for the national championships. The goal is to go to the World Championships and make the podium there.

Elijah Hall-Thompson – winner, 100m
It feels good to be back. It’s just my second race of the outdoor season and it’s great to set a PB here. There is definitely more to come. I have another two races in Europe and then I will be aiming to make the World Championship team.

Modesta Morauskaite – winner, 400m
I’m very satisfied with the way this season is going. I set a PB at the beginning of the season, so that’s really great. I want to fight for a top position at the European Championships, but that’s still a long way away. It’s good to be back in Bydgoszcz after 5 years. The last time I was here, it was the European U23 Championships.

Iga Baumgart-Witan – 4th place, 400m
In the end, I’m satisfied with the race. I’m never 100% satisfied, even if I set a PB, I wouldn’t be. I will race again at the Kusocinski Memorial on Sunday, the field will be much stronger there, but I’m learning to look at myself first, not at my rivals.

Wojciech Nowicki – winner, hammer throw
First of all, I’m satisfied with how consistently I’m throwing. The consistency is the key to success in our event. I’m always happy to come to Bydgoszcz and it’s good that we can celebrate Irena Szewinska’s memory in this way.

Tony Van Diepen – winner, 800m
It’s my third 800m race this year, third win and the biggest one so far. I got boxed in late in that race and didn’t expect to run this fast, but my finish worked well. Now I’m aiming for the championship events. At the World Championships I aim at making the final and possibly fighting for a medal. Then I want a medal at the European Championships.

Mateusz Borkowski – 5th place, 800m, PB
The race worked out really well. The field was bunched at the start, but after that a sort of a train formed to drag us to fast times. My earlier races this year did not go as well and I kept missing the World Championship qualifyier, now it finally worked out. I tell myself today’s race was a heat and the final comes in Chorzow in two days’ time. One should run faster in the final than in the heats.

Patryk Sieradzki – 6th place, 800m, PB
I did not expect to run quite as fast as this. Pacemaking in major meets is a form of training for me as well. In this way, I get used to maintaining fast pace. I hope that thanks to today’s performance I get more chances to run for myself.

Piotr Lisek – 4th place, pole vault
Today’s performance is OK. There’s much to improve, but I have been working hard during recent training camps. The most important thing is that we know what to work on and we are moving forward.